“Just Desserts’ is a stunning unity of Octopus and nude, bringing to the fore our symbiosis with the natural world. Elegantly shot, Lieberman masters the rich variety of monchrome tones inherant in this image. Lieberman’s photography is largely concerned with man’s relationship with the natural world and our impact on it. Instead of commenting negatively on the world, her uplifting, optimistic imagery presents both an ideal to strive for in the future and a return to historic times of unpolluted beauty.”

ONGAllery, 2015

“Linda’s Ocean Series beautifully gives prominence to mankind’s abuse of the Oceans and how this impacts the environment around us.”

Curieux Magazine, 2016.

“Linda Lieberman, a very committed British artist, made during her stay poignant photographs aimed at raising public awareness of marine ecology”

Leanda Brass Tamarin Arts Center, 2015

“Although the Oceans are largely unexplored and unknown there is no doubt that mankind’s impact on the creatures of the deep has been devastating . Linda has adopted the plight of the oceans and embodied strong visual imagery in her work to deliver the desperate message that we must all heed . Her talent, drive, vision, and passion deserve to be recognised, and appreciated. “

Darkroom Printer Robin Bell, 2017

“As a sculptor and photographer Linda uses both these mediums in a mixed media, which when fused together, an artistic alchemy happens, and this allows her work to become a true expression of the passion she feels for her subject matter. The main core of her photographic work, and a large part of her sculptural work endeavours to create a poetic visual conversation about the sea, where life began, and its constant ever evolving relationship with mankind; developing a “Sea of Awareness”, Linda uses an extensive palette of colours, materials, and textures to bring life to her imagery. Her work has a tangible quality, which creates a thought provoking response.”

Kevin O’Connor Director Kalectiv Photography, 2017



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‘The Apprentice’ at Brick Lane Gallery For BBC1 TV (2006)


Featured work ‘Fishtale 01’ in ‘SILVER FOOTPRINT’ by Robin Bell (2009)
Featured work ‘Soulmate 01’ in ‘Easy Tasty Italian’ cookbook by Laura Santini (2009)

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