The Crown of Hooks series is a statement about global overfishing. Mankind continues to ignore the fact that by exploiting the ocean, we are hurting ourselves spiritually, and physically, creating a full circle of self punishment, and devastation.
The photographic images are not digitally enhanced – they are worked over directly with mixed media materials, such as wax and oil.

The diptychs hang with a sculptural panel adjacent to the photographic image, which have relevant symbols carved into the tar, and resin.





The sequence of work called Coral Crowns, was inspired by an art residency with Tamarin Arts Centre on the island of Mauritius, 2015.It is an ongoing series of work about the wanton destruction of the Coral Reefs to benefit easier fishing quotas.
This sequence of work is dedicated to Mauritius. The diptychs are based on their iconic Cyclones, which happens approximately every five years, and part of the Mauritian way of life.
This creates a natural balancing cleaning effect of the ecological systems on the island.

Crown and hooks 05
Date: 2015
Medium: Gelatin Silver print
Dimension: 41 x 51 cm
Price: £975
Edition: 1/25

Coral Crown 05
Date: 2015
Medium: Colour film digital Hahnmuele paper, mixed media.
Dimension: 51 x 41 cms
Price: £1225
Edition: 1/3

Crown of Hooks 01
Date: 2013
Medium: One panel colour print mixed media, one panel sculpted relief mixed media.
Dimension: 63x90x2cms
Price: £3,750
Edition: Unique

Crown of Hooks 07
Date: 2016
Medium: Colour film onto digital Hahmule paper
Dimension: 39cm x 49cm
Price: £1350
Edition: 1/16

Coral Crown 01
Date: 2015
Medium: One board is colour film onto Hahnemuhle Paper and mixed media. The other board is sculpted relief mixed media.
Dimension: 61 x 43 cms
Price: £1,750
Edition: Unique

Fish and Mankind
Date: 2013
Medium: Tar, oil paint and wax.
Dimension: 63 x 90 cms
Price: £4000
Edition: Unique

Siren Tale 01
Date: 2015
Medium: Tar, oil paint, wax, twigs, net
Dimension: 63 x 90 cms
Price: £3250
Edition: Unique
The Siren represents something rare, and special. If we trawl the bottom of the ocean with huge clawed nets we may kill, and lose something that can never be replaced.

Coral Wave 01
Date: 2015
Medium: Colour film onto Hahnemuhle Paper red ink and fish blood , mixed media.
Dimension: 20 x 63 cms
Price: £2225
Edition: 1/6
Coral Wave 01 is questioning us. Is she (the Coral Reef) saying hello or good-bye.

Crown of Hooks 03
Date: 2012
Medium: One panel is colour film onto Hahnemuhle Paper mixed media and the other panel is sculpted relief in mixed media.
Dimension: 68 x 60 cms
Price: £1750
Edition: 2/3

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