Hero´s Journey

Ocean Champion

We envision Ocean Champion as a grassroots movement, structured within an exhibition and a virtual experience that will promote creativity, and inclusion, through the senses.

It aims to foster a positive action, reconnecting us with the sea through a range of different cultural, and creative initiatives.

Connecting the individual with the responsibility of our planet, and the potential for the Power of One to create a collective awareness that can make a difference.



The Project

Ocean Champion is a long term multidisciplinary artistic project by ECO Champion CIC,Created by the company Co-founders Mixed- Media artist Linda Lieberman and  produced and curated by Ada Seijas.

Exploring the ecology of the sea, and mankind’s relationship towards it.

Spanning through 20 years of the Lieberman’s work, the show is an immersive journey reflecting on society’s intimate connection with the ocean where we are given the ultimate chance for cleaner ,andhealthier seas.

Ocean Champion is divided into the following phases:

1. A large exhibition.

2. An Immersive Digital Experience
3.Pop up shows and Installations.
4. Small interactive workshops.
5.Guided lessons and workshops for children and young people that will take place in schools to provide a compliment for education.

Creation of a network of professionals such as our Role Models and institutions around the world who will behave as ambassadors and take honor in representing and developing and spreading the word.

Leave a dedicated line for people to connect, and share their own opinions, and, present their own ideas and projects related to the subject.

The Hero´s Journey

This is the Hero´s Journey.
The Hero who lives in each one of us.
As in the Hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell poses to us, our spectator is part of his everyday world when he receives an invitation to adventure following the path that leads him to encounter the effects of his ordinary life.
The ‘Special World’ forces us  to learn fast if he want to survive.

Our spectator/hero arrives at the darkest place on the trip in which they can see the possibilities of a terrible future, but something makes them reflect, and undertake the journey onwards towards home.

Infused with the Elixir of Knowledge, and awareness that they want to share with others they have become an Ocean Champion!

Ocean Champion Our Role Models

Ansel Wong CBE: Culture & Activism

Ansel Wong CBE is a Trinidadian cultural and political activist, who has been influential in many organizations particularly in the black community in the UK, where he has been based since the 1960s.

He is the former Chair of the Notting Hill Carnival Board and founder of Elimu Mas Band. He is also an educationist and academic, and in a wide-ranging career has worked at senior levels in various organizations in the public and charitable sectors, including with the Windrush Foundation established in 1996 by Arthur Torrington.

Carlos Magdalena Nature & Conservation

Carlos Magdalena is Botanical Horticulturist in the Tropical Nursery at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, an international lecturer, and Chairman of the International Waterlily & Water Gardens Society. He is renowned for his unique skills as a plant propagator who is saving the world’s rarest plants, even earning him the title The Plant Messiah, after successfully bringing species back from the brink of extinction.

Now he’s here to spread the gospel. His debut, The Plant Messiah, is the inspirational story of a man who has devoted – and risked – his life to save incredible species, all in the name of making this Earth a greener and happier place. It was published by Penguin in 2018

Gledys Ibarra Performing & Helping Minorities

Gledys Ibarra Is a former Afro-Venezuelan model and actress.

With more than 40 years of artistic career in television and theatre, she is known for participating in multiple successful soap operas.

She was the first woman of African descent to star in a soap opera in Venezuela, becoming a television icon.

Currently, she is the director of The Latin Stage, a Spanish language theatre company in the city of London where she has been awarded several times for her work.


Sonia Ben Santa Maria: Music & Diversity

Sonia Ben-Santamaria is the first female conductor to be associated with the Royal Opera House Jette Parkers young artists programe 2017/2018.

Highlights of her season includes shadowing Sir Antonio Pappano on Shostakovitchs Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, leading the Youth Opera Company chorus on Barrie Koskys Carmen and conducting the presentation of The Monstrous Child.

Originally Spanish but French born, Sonia trained at the Conservatoire de Toulouse, the Royal Academy of Music, the National Opera Studio, London, and was subsequently offered a position at the English National Opera as trainee repetiteur and vocal coach.

Sonia is the proud founder of Glass Ceiling Orchestra, a socially engaged chamber orchestra which promotes equal opportunities, female conductors and composers. Future engagements include Un Ballo in Maschera for Opera Holland Park.

Felicity Marrian Education & Creativity

Felicity Marrian Is the owner and director of Gardens Montessori is family run and has been providing nursery education in Kensington for nearly 30 years.
Her commitment witheducation in her own words is:
“ –To face the future, the children of today must learn to be imaginative, communicative and creative thinkers. They need to have embedded in them curiosity, determination and the understanding that learning is not a dry, sterile activity but one full of opportunity and fulfillment.
They must be secure in their self-esteem, able to socialize, caring of those around them and the world in which they live, and, above all, imbued with the feeling that they can achieve anything to which they set their minds.

Mary Mc Kenzie Philosophy & Wisdom

EX model & philosopher Mary Mckenzei has dedicated her life to exploring the inner and outer world through philosophy by cultivating her spirit and building bridges between worlds and people.

Nominate an Ocean Champion Who will you nominate as an Ocean Champion?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.(Ghandi)

  • An Ocean Champion is an individual who, even if he is not an environmentalist, works every day, creating value to build a better world.
    Can have any occupation but must be working for the common good.
    Do you know someone like that?
     Sends us the reasons why you think this person is an ambassador for the  Ocean Champion’s values to be part of the Rol Models that Linda Lieberman will photograph, and will be part of the exhibitoin 2021.
  • Send  us  the name.
    Short biography (no more than 500 words)

How to be an Ocean Champion?

Ocean Champion is a grassroots movement, structured within an exhibition that will promote creativity, and inclusion, through sight, sound, touch, and smell.

It aims to foster a positive action, reconnecting us with the sea through a range of different cultural, and creative initiatives.

Connecting the individual with the responsibility of our planet, and the potential for the Power of One to create a collective awareness that can make a difference.

Sponsor & Partnership Do you want to support our exhibition and communitary initiatives

Why us?

Why this project?

How important it is to take care of the environment nowadays and the planet?

How coordinating and being part of a long term project like Ocean Champion can elevate your company’s values to be a part of the world that we want to see.New ways to live and new ways to make economy.

Are you company?
Are you an institution?
Library or School?

Send us an email we will send you more info about partnership and sponsors.