Ocean’s Champion Immersive Experience has been designed for the public to discover for themselves the intimate and collective history of our relationship with the sea and the various threats it faces today.


This is the Hero´s Journey.

The Hero who lives in each one of us.

As in the Hero’s Journey that (Joseph Campbell) poses to us, our spectator is part of his everyday world when he receives an invitation to adventure following the path that leads him to encounter the effects of his ordinary life.

The ‘Special World’ forces us/him to learn fast if he/we want to survive. Our spectator/hero arrives at the darkest place on the trip in which they can see the possibilities of a terrible future, but something makes them reflect, and undertake the journey onwards towards home.

Infused with the elixir of knowledge, and awareness that they want to share with others they have become an Ocean Champion!


Ocean Champion is a grassroots movement, structured within an exhibition that will promote creativity, and inclusion, through sight, sound, touch, and smell.
It aims to foster a positive action, reconnecting us with the sea through a range of different cultural, and creative initiatives.
Connecting the individual with the responsibility of our planet, and the potential for the Power of One to create a collective awareness that can make a difference.

participatory audience

Do you want to be part of the Ocean Champion creative process?

We invite everyone who wants to participate to send us, photographs, video, or short texts related to their
personal memories related to the sea, to be part of a collective audiovisual piece.

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Do you want to support our exhibition and communitary initiatives

Why us? Why this project? How important it is to take care of the environment nowadays and the planet? How coordinating and being part of a long term project like Ocean Champions can elevate your company’s values to be a part of the world that we want to see. New ways to live and new ways to make economy.

Are you company?
Are you an institution?
Library or School?
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Who will you nominate as an Ocean Champion?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

An Ocean Champion is an individual who, even if he is not an environmentalist, works every day, creating value to make the world better.

He can have any occupation but must be working for the common good. Do you know someone like that? Well, Nominate sends the reasons why you think he is an ambassador of Ocean Champion’s values to be part of the Role Models that Linda Lieberman will photograph, and that will be part of the exhibit in 2021.