The cycle of birth, and death are rhythms of every life.

Birth 01 and Birth 02 show bronze sculptures that merge contrasting forces of the masculine and feminine. A yin and yang element is produced by an initial male impression in Birth 01, adjusting to a female impression when viewed from all angles, evident through the curved forms, and the energy of an egg being given birth into the world.

Birth 02 also reflects birth imagery, but creates an overall masculine energy by the domination of a sperm shaped structure. Additionally, Birth 07 creates further contrasts of textures, and temperatures, elaborating on the co-existing elements of the world. The sculpture features curved wood that is warm, beaver fur that is soft, and a birthing egg of cold aluminium that confronts the viewer by reflecting their own image, and the environment. These pieces value, and honour our life cycles, as well as the planet that entwines, and connects us all.