Journal de Mer is an ongoing series, which examines different countries, continents, and places that have a deep connection with the sea. Journal de Mer expresses the rapid state of flux in chronicling the journal/diary about the sea.

Paradoxically, a human constant is the power of distraction, and our eagerness for it – away from reading the matters that will challenge us to think, and do better.

Through newspaper collage and hooked seafood imagery, Journal de Mer confronts us with this accusation as we continue to read the funny bits or the salacious gossip. Developing from this series of work now comes the Critical Mass Series, which continues to use the billboard in some of the new imagery but this time with newspapers from many countries around the world, but all stating in different languages the problem of plastic pollution, and damage that is affecting our seas, and oceans.

The Journal series and the Critical Mass series are also time capsules of what was going on in the world at that given time while I was working on these series.