In the Ruin Gallery series Lieberman has created work that draws attention to the toxicity of pollution.

From massive oil spills, deep ocean pipelines, plastic pollution, and debris in general – all is harmful and destructive.
In particular The Thin Blue Line here Lieberman plays with the British expression, suggesting an outnumbered police force that faces the mountainous task of policing the oceans.

Comparatively, The Thin Red Line catches a fish in the light of a laser, moments before a shot is fired. Both images represent human destruction within our seas.

Date: 2008
Medium: Colour film onto Hahnemuhle Paper
Dimension: 58 x 42 cms
Price: £1500
Edition: 1/25

Date: 2006
Medium: Acrylic and resin
Dimension: 89 cmx 61 x 5 cms
Price: £1500
Edition: Unique
Engulfed 01 is about the massive oil tanker spills out in our oceans.

Don’t Rock The Boat
Date: 2016
Medium: Wood , Resin , aluminium and oil paint
Dimension: 84long x 39wide x13deep cms
Price: Sold
Edition: Unique
Don’t Rock the Boat is about over fishing, and taking more than we need, and if we do, the boat turns over and sinks.

Date: 2019
Medium: Iron, slate & iron resin
Dimension: W27cms x H 37 cms
Price: SOLD
Edition: Unique
Anchored 01 is made with a small ships anchor, and the tree part is the coral reef, and the coral reef anchors our oceans. It is a vital part of the system. Its like a beating heart.

Debris 01
Date: 2013
Medium: B/W photo, plastic, ink, bitumen tar, colour, resin
Dimension: 114 x 92 cms.
Price: £2225
Edition: Unique
Debris 01 was taken in a Thailand fishing village on the island of Koh Samui, and they lived with all the debris, oil, and plastic pollution around them.

Pipeline 02
Date: 2006
Medium: Brass Fire Hydrant pipe white sandstone base aluminium Fish Hand Painted and polished in Acrylic
Dimension: base 10 x 20 cms, Hydrant 58x 20.5 cms
Price: £3500
Edition: Unique
Pipeline 02 and Pipeline 01 are about the oil pipelines under the seas.

The Thin Blue Line and the Thin Red Line
Date: 2005
Medium: hardboard, acrylic paint and wooden board
Dimension: 50 x 73 cm
Price: Sold
Edition: Unique

Scales of Balance
Date: 2019
Medium: Iron resin, wood and iron
Dimension: 72 cms tall x 56cms wide x 37 cms deep
Price: £2500
Edition: Unique
Scales of Balance is how much fish is needed to balance with mankinds’ actual needs.

Tangle 04
Date: 2005
Medium: Hand coloured B/W. Mixed media varnished with matt varnish. Used corrugated packing
Dimension: 63 x 88 cms
Price: £975
Edition: SOLD OUT ( edition of 2 )

Pipeline 01
Date: 2007
Medium: Metal pipe, wooden base , hand coloured resin fish
Dimension: H: 29cm x 30 cm
Price: Sold
Edition: Unique

Plastic Spell
Date: 2019
Medium: Colour film onto Hahnemuhle Paper
Dimension: 58 cms x 68 cms
Price: £1800
Edition: 1/6
Plastic Spell shows how it is fascinating, and alluring to fish.

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