Washing Line 03 , 2010

Washing Line 03, 2010

Linda Lieberman is a Scottish born artist. Her work draws inspiration from the changing ecology and environment around her.  Motivated by her feelings about our planet, the ocean and its diverse species, her artworks depict the world from a perspective that embraces all creation, rather than just the human point-of-view. Linda re-imagines the Ocean, Seed, Egg, Fish and Mankind within her artworks. By working with mixed media, sculpture, photography and video, her works create a unique and compelling aesthetic; this multi-disciplinary approach allows full freedom for creation.






Article 1 – All Seas, and all Oceans are one, and should be viewed globally as the Sea.

Article 2 – The Sea contributes to the welfare of humanity, and must not be threatened by the growth of the human race.

Article 3 – The Sea has the right to be respected, in dignity, and in cleanliness.

Article 4 – No one can endanger the integrity of the Sea without bearing the consequences.

Article 5 – The Flora and Fauna of the Sea may only be exploited to the degree in which their right to renewal is guaranteed.

Article 6 – The Sea must be a special object of research, with a view to its preservation, and that of the human race.

Article 7 – The Sea is a place of memory, and some of shrines resulting from dramatic encounters between it and man must remain inviolate.

Article 8 – The Sea is the largest museum in the world, and all the relics of the human adventures that it contains must be protected against looting and damage.

Article 9 – Global supervision of the Sea is the duty of humanity.

Article 10 – Every person has the right, and duty to stay informed about the condition of the Sea.